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External ID SFT2D1
Ensembl ID ENSG00000146527.2
Start 166642807
End 166665279
-1 SFT2D1, SFT2 domain containing 1
LocusLink Summary
Genome View in Gbrowse SFT2D1
Gene with RefSeq(s) Refseq
Locuslink (Gene) 113402


Other cDNA (No refseq) Emblid
Ensemble Mouse ID
External Mouse ID
% identity
ENSMUSG00000039815.1 5630401J11Rik 17 91
Cgap gene info 284265  
Top Ten All
Tissue Mormalized expr. Cluster clones : tissue clones
Embryonic Stem cells 17.21 3.430555556
Thymus 13.49 2.176388889
Lymph_Node 9.47 26:113869
Stomach 5.79 10:71656
Bone 4.86 6:51252
Ovary 4.63 8:71634
Vascular 4.39 2:18887
Colon 4.03 8:82275
Pancreas 3.68 6:67592
Placenta 3.20 11:142648
Tissue Development Stage Pathology
islets of Langerhans null insulinoma
kidney null normal
cochlea fetus normal
mammary gland null adenocarcinoma
bone adult chondrosarcoma
endometrium null adenocarcinoma
placenta 32 weeks normal
whole body 9 weeks normal
lung fetus normal
testis fetus normal
heart fetus normal
heart adult normal
uterus fetus normal
uterus adult normal
skin fetus normal
skin adult normal
spleen 20 weeks normal
liver 20 weeks normal
adrenal cortex null carcinoma
lung 9 weeks normal
lung 12 weeks normal
lung 19 weeks normal
lung 42 weeks normal
lung adult normal
germinal center null normal
cerebellum adult normal
hippocampus null normal
stomach null carcinoma
stomach null myeloma
mammary gland adult carcinoma
lymph node null lymphoma
lung null carcinoid
null 10 weeks normal
null null normal
colon null malignant tumour
cartilage adult osteoarthritis
ovary null tumour
peripheral nerve null Schwannoma
salivary gland null carcinoma
parathyroid adult adenoma
ovary null adenocarcinoma
brain null oligodendroglioma
stomach null normal
cartilage adult chondrosarcoma
hypothalamus adult normal
lung null chondrosarcoma
frontal lobe adult normal
choroid adult normal
tonsil null normal
islets of Langerhans null normal
brain null null
lymph node null carcinoma
hypothalamus null normal
colon null adenocarcinoma
ovary null fibrothecoma
prostate adult normal
placenta null null
stomach null adenocarcinoma
kidney null adenocarcinoma
thymus fetus normal
pancreas null adenocarcinoma
null embryo null
null adult null
null null null
placenta null normal
nasopharynx 35 years normal
colon null carcinoma
breast adult normal
null 14 years T-cell leukemia
brain null tumour
skeletal muscle adult normal
  Ontology Annotation Evidence Source
antisense ?
Differential Expr.
EST contig