UniGene Machine Help

This tool allows you to retrieve the Accession Number of the Unigene Library cDNA clones we have in house, starting from different gene identifiers:

If you already know the cDNA Accession Number of our library, please fill the form at Clones Request Page directly in order to request your clone.

The tool searches for the data in a first instance through the Unigene database.
If no results are retrieved, the system looks in the Locus Link database. A NOTE and a red box around your query will warn you that the output comes from the LL database.

The output is a table with your query item and the corresponding UniGene cluster, Gene name and Title.

If you are interested in one or more of the output items, select the clones by ticking the corresponding checkbox and SUBMIT the request directly to the Human cDNA Library Colony Picking Service. A list of the ACC_IN_HOUSE with the corresponding coordinates will appear.

A red box marks the clones not available in house: remember that we own the plates of the Research Genetics Unigene library from 1 to 417. Complete the form with the PROJECT NAME, select which clones you need and submit the request. A red box warns you if there are clones already streaked (please ask to the Service). If so, go back, deselect the red-marked clones and go ahead.

For more information please read the "general information on the service" or contact us at service-imagingmailifom-ieo-campus.it