Typing "random" into the Probes Maps Text Box you get 5 random probesets, typing "number" (Es "100") you get n random probesets

CSS style sheet is tested mainly on: Safari and Mozilla browser.

select a GeneChip model and choose what kind of informations you need. On the right side of the FORM you may insert:

  • A list of probeset (1 probeset = 1 line)
  • A txt file containing a list of probeset (1 probeset = 1 line)

Display Mode:

  • Single Mode: MAX 5 probesets
  • Multiple Mode: 5 probesets for html page (FRAME HTML)
Mapping Probe Pairs (concept)
Mapping Probe Pairs over targets
Mapping Algorithm (cases)

All cases in the last version of the algorithm.

Mapping algorithm (cases)

PowerPoint Presentations:

  • AffyDB   PPT presentation at AIRC Bionformatics Center meeting (IFOM, November 2005)
  • GeneChipSpliceMachine   PPT presentation at bioinfo meeting (IFOM, April 2005)