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Complete package (source code plus HG-U133A data): splicy-1.2.tar.gz (59.3 Mb)

Documentation (html)

Documentation (html)

  • 07/11/2006: (AffyDev) New feature Multiple choice allowed in chip selection
  • 18/07/2005: (AffyDev) New debug session Added 'both' (display mRNA and RefSeq) reducing the number of record/page
  • 15/07/2005: (AffyDev) Form forms are now dynamic!
  • 14/07/2005: (AffyDev) Splicy is now a Perl Package with makefile!
  • 09/06/2005: (AffyDev) Probeset.pm new mapping algorithm complete!
  • 07/06/2005: (AffyDev) Probeset.pm Debugging map algorithm
  • 07/06/2005: (AffyDev) Probeset.pm case of ProbePairs on the first EXON resolved (NORMAL AND JUNCTION) into make_absolute_map and cdna_absoute_map methods
  • 06/06/2005: (AffyDev) added 'Isoform of...' table, GET method and render on the Bio::Graphics Image
  • 01/06/2005: (UTILS) a tail system (at/batch) with Mail::Sender was implemented
  • 31/05/2005: (UTILS) You can now access batch_tab.pl throught a web interface
  • 27/05/2005: (UTILS) batch_splice.pl and batch_tab.pl
  • 18/05/2005: AffyDb version upgraded to AffyDev version
  • 18/05/2005: AffyDev version (Development): STATISTIC Page
  • 16/05/2005: AffyDev version (Development): Diagnostics Probe Pairs are now RED
  • 16/05/2005: AffyDev version (Development): Joining Probes are now connected with a line
  • 13/05/2005: AffyDev version (Development): AffyDB.pm and Probeset.pm are now v1.03
  • 09/05/2005: AffyDev version (Development): Splice and Tab now are batch Perl scripts called from command line
  • 18/02/2005: Updates to the User Interface
  • 17/02/2005: Now Perl modules are avaible to download!
  • 16/02/2005: Perl documetation for AffyDB.pm and Probeset.pm
  1. Generate a uniq package with h2xs (perl makefile.PL).
  2. Create some test scripts...
  3. Add scripts: batch_splice.pl and batch_tab.pl
  4. Add new scripts: install.pl and add_chip.pl
  5. Test at BioDev
  1. GET methods: remove get_ html formats (DEPRECATED)
  2. INDEX methos: rewrite this method
  3. Create some test scripts
  4. Generalize check_headers method
  5. install.pl and add_chip.pl
  1. AUTOLOAD? Yes or No?
  2. Create some test scripts.
  3. Generalize absolute map?
  4. Create some test scripts
  1. TAB Files html page (LIMIT TO MAX N° of Probesets?)
  2. SPLICE targets html page
  3. Object Persistence with Storable?
  4. Autoinstall and links recreation
  5. Change PPT presentation to PDF

PowerPoint Presentations:
  • AffyDB   PPT presentation at AIRC Bionformatics Center meeting (IFOM, November 2005)
  • GeneChipSpliceMachine   PPT presentation at bioinfo meeting (IFOM, April 2005)